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Premade Cheer Mixes

CheerSounds Express

CheerSounds is very proud to present our flexible online store where all of our premade cheer mixes can be heard and customized! Choose your favorite cheer mix, add voice overs and swap out songs if you wish. These are the perfect solution for middle school, rec and youth cheerleading teams, as well as lower-level AllStar teams.

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Premade Cheer Mixes are the fastest way to get cheer music.

Premade Cheer Mixes

Our catalog of premade cheer mixes is categorized by duration, from :45 to 2:30. Each mix contains a variety of popular songs, and is filled with the excitement and flare that cheerleading music is known for.

CheerSounds has the most customizable premade mixes in the industry! Add up to 7 voice overs, swap songs, change the tempo or duration of your mix. All of these customizations will make you forget you are purchasing a premade mix!

If you have added customizations to your mix, two versions of the mix will be provided to you. The version you hear on the website will be available for instant download, and the customized version will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

Build Your Own

The easiest way to add customization to your premade cheer mix is the Build Your Own option.  Choose the routine layout that best fits your routine, select songs and enter voiceovers. That’s it! We will build your mix that matches your criteria. It’s hard to believe it is still a premade mix!

Recreational Cheer Music Packs

Short, fun mixes are perfect for team cheers, demonstrations and half-time performances. These :30 mixes are sold in packs of 3 or 5. Listen to all of our :30 premade cheer mixes and choose your favorite for your pack! Add voice overs with your team’s name, mascot and colors to personalize your mixes.

Our recreational cheer music packs are instantly downloadable! Customized orders will be sent to your email address within 1 weeks.