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10 Things All Cheerleaders Can Relate To: Pets Edition

1. When you see bad motions.







Who taught you how to cheer?


2. When your coach says practice is going to be easy today.








We’re all going to die.


3. When someone says that cheerleading isn’t a sport.









I’m sorry, but I don’t remember asking for your opinion. 


4. When your S.O. says that cheerleading isn’t a sport and then tries to kiss you.










I’m not speaking to you.


5. When your coach says that you are only doing conditioning today.










Excuse me, what?


6. When you are posing for a cheer photo and the photographer is taking forever.










I know it looks like I can hold this scorpion forever, but that doesn’t mean I want to.


7. When you just cannot get your hair right.








I give up.


8. When you practice your cheer face in the mirror and you finally perfect it.










Must stay like this until Nationals.


9. When you hear the girls of your rival team fighting.










This oughta be good…


10. When you’re trying to take your uniform off after a long day.