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Four Thoughts All Cheerleaders Should Think Before Taking the Mat

Nationals. CheerSport. Worlds. Summit. For Cheerleaders, the early months of each year are all about these prestigious events. After all, it is on their stages, that they’ve prepared to perform, it is among their athletes, that they’ve trained to compete, and it is on their podiums, that the best are crowned Champions. With only two and half minutes to leave a lasting impression, it is crucial that cheerleaders hit their stunts, stick their tumbling, and nail their choreography, all while putting their best cheer face forward. The stakes are high, but so is the reward; and every person in that auditorium is vying for the same title. It is the most exciting time of the year, and also the most nerve-racking, and while every athlete undoubtedly feels the pressure, it is the athletes that maintain a positive attitude that tend to find victory. Our trick to staying calm, cool and confident? Thinking these 4 thoughts before taking the stage:

1. Hard work pays off. You’ve spent countless hours training for this moment. Let these two and half minutes be a culmination of all the hard work that you’ve put into being the best cheerleader that you can be.

2. You are not out there alone. You are about to share the stage with the best support system that you could have: your teammates, your best friends, your family. You may never compete with this group of athletes again; make it special. Feed off each other’s energy, and reach new heights together.

3. Whatever happens, make the most of it. This is an experience that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. Take it all in: the lights, the audience, the exhilarating feeling of performing. Savor every second, relish every feeling.

4. There is no such thing as losing so long as you are doing what you love. You don’t cheer for rings, or trophies, or titles. You cheer because it is what you love to do, and that is enough in and of itself.

Cheerleading is my love, passion and life:

From your friends here at CheerSounds: kick some butt, and have fun doing it! Good Luck <3