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Let’s Talk About Custom Music

You need cheer music.

We’ve got you covered.

Why choose us? Simple.

1) We have the best customer service in the industry, with an average response time of nine minutes.

Contact us M-F 9-5:30 EST at:

Phone: (631) 724-1237

Fax: (321) 549-6187


2) You are guaranteed to receive your mix within two weeksprobably even sooner: our average turnaround time is ten days.

3) We are affordable. Where else can you find custom mixes that include songs of your choosing, original lyrics about your team, and internationally recognized voice overs for an average of $472 a mix?

4) You will LOVE your mix. We have an average customer satisfaction rating of 5/5 stars. Read customer testimonials to see for yourself. Everyone who works with us loves our service and our products. You will too!

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