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Why You Need Cheer Anthems

Cheerleading Music Anthems and Original Hooks

So you say you want your music to be fierce, creative and unique. However, how unique is it to choose songs that are top 40 hits? Or worse yet, hearing a song for your Senior 5 team in a Mini 1 team’s mix. Yikes, that’s not very original.  It is hard to find songs that appeal to yourself, the team, parents and judges. However, have you ever thought your team could have its own anthem?

An Anthem is not what you may think it is. It’s not a chant or a cheer or a two-second punch line. An anthem is original music and vocals that are produced specifically for your team. Anthems are typically anywhere from four to eight 8 counts of music. They are completely unique sections of your mix meant for those who are serious about recognition and competition. Elite and Champion customers replace songs with Anthems.

Although you may think you have a creative and unique mix, remember that there are probably over a thousand teams using that same T-Swift song. You want a sassy mix? Anthems deliver just that. Impress the judges, make other teams jealous, and get the recognition you’ve always wanted.

Cheerleading Anthems for cheer music mixesTeams often end up loving their anthems so much they use the lyrics as their signature phrases. Once you have a coined phrase, you become a more identifiable team for that season. People will automatically relate a saying to your gym without thinking twice. It’s a great way to create a lasting impression and build a bigger fan base.

So if you’re looking to top the rest, go for the best. Get a Cheer Anthem created for your team’s mix and be the one being envied!