Premade+™: Madhouse

includes added customizations

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Custom sound effects
Tailor to your choreography

One click converts this Premade+ into a fully customizable mix.

Here's what else you get!

  • Change tempo of individual songs
  • Add Stutter, Pitch and Music effects
  • Use Backgrounds and Adlibs to add excitment
  • Search lyrics to build themed routines
  • Printable 8 count sheets
  • Reusable custom voice overs: Buy once, use forever!
And every mix includes 3 free edits!

Customiziations Summary:

Custom Voiceovers

Song Replacements

Voiceover Replacements

Cheer Section


Will you be competing at any USA Cheer / USASF / Varsity / NCA / NDA / UCA / UDA / Pop Warner or any event that requires you to have Master and Mechanical licenses?