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Quick-Start Routines

Choose a routine layout and add the songs and voice overs of your choice. This variation of premade mixes adds even more customization, and is perfect for teams that already have a routine in mind.

Select a length to get started!!!

8 Count Mixer

Build your cheer mix from the ground up with our one and only 8 Count Mixer. Using are website, drag-and-drop songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an 8count sheet and...

Not sure where to begin? Load one of our templates as a starting point!!!

Premade Cheer Mix

Each mix contains a variety of popular songs, and is filled with the excitement and flare that cheerleading music is known for.

CheerSounds has the most customizable premade mixes in the industry! Add up to 7 voice overs, swap songs, change the tempo or duration of your mix. All of these customizations will make you forget you are purchasing a premade mix!

What Others are Saying...
Kelly -
Thanks again for helping with our mix this season, it was amazing:) ...»
Leslie -
We LOVE it! Thank you so much for the rush! And thank you for pronouncing Kailua correctly. Great job!!! ^___^ ...»
Brooke -
Thankyou so much. The mix and voiceovers are absolutely perfect. I love it! My junior team will be thrilled to hear this track. I am so excited to hear the next one I've ordered. Thankyou again ...»
KB -
My music last season was the best ever. The girls connected with it and that helped make our seasons extremely successful. It was the addition of voiceovers with the premixed music that we all lo ...»
Nina -
I absolutely LOVE my music. I love your site. It is so user friendly and the customer service is amazing!!! Thank you so much!! I've passed it along to a friend who has a studio and she LOVES i ...»
Excel Aviators -
This is the first year for our gym and we choose Cheer Sounds for our music. The experience has been above board from day one! Always deliver before time needed and is a smooth transaction. A f ...»