CheerSounds' Premade Cheer Music Store

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Quick-Start Routines

Choose a routine layout and add the songs and voice overs of your choice. This variation of premade mixes adds even more customization, and is perfect for teams that already have a routine in mind.

8 Count Mixer

Build your cheer mix from the ground up with our one and only 8 Count Mixer. Using are website, drag-and-drop songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an 8count sheet and...

This unique software is the only kind in the world, offered exclusively by CheerSounds!

Premade Cheer Mix

Each mix contains a variety of popular songs, and is filled with the excitement and flare that cheerleading music is known for.

CheerSounds has the most customizable premade mixes in the industry! Add up to 7 voice overs, swap songs, change the tempo or duration of your mix. All of these customizations will make you forget you are purchasing a premade mix!

What Others are Saying...
Rhonda -
Last season was my first season using your services, and I thought it was spectacular! It was so convenient and our girls loved the music! … I think y’all are awesome, keep up the good work! ...»
Christopher -
I have purchased music from other companies before, and I can hands down say Cheer Sounds was the best decision I have ever made. The customer service was outstanding and the quality of the music w ...»
Andiee -
I'm a newer customer but every purchase I made I was completely satisfied with. Awesome quality, fun mixes & easy to listen to & download…keep up the awesome work! ...»
K Cheer -
You guys have done our mixes for two years and we love them!! They are different then anything else at state!! Thanks for the great work!! ...»
michelle -
We love the premade mixes for our team of 7 year old cheerleaders. We can't wait to see what you have for this season.... ...»
PMA Griffins -
From our team, to yours, thank you for our outstanding 2012-2013 cheerleading season, and we cannot wait until your brand new 2013-2014 mixes come out!! We are all so anxious! Thank you so much and ...»