Premade+™: What Happens Next

includes added customizations

Want even more control of your mix? Upgrade to 8CountMixer and unlock Pro Features
Custom sound effects
Tailor to your choreography

One click converts this Premade+ into a fully customizable mix.

Here's what else you get!

  • Change tempo of individual songs
  • Add Stutter, Pitch and Music effects
  • Use Backgrounds and Adlibs to add excitment
  • Search lyrics to build themed routines
  • Printable 8 count sheets
  • Reusable custom voice overs: Buy once, use forever!
And every mix includes 3 free edits!

Customiziations Summary:

Custom Voiceovers

Song Replacements

Voiceover Replacements

Cheer Section


Will you be competing at any USA Cheer / USASF / Varsity / NCA / NDA / UCA / UDA / Pop Warner or any event that requires you to have Master and Mechanical licenses?