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  1. Original Mix: Twist & Shout - Crush
  2. Original Mix: Thuder Elite - Storm
  3. Original Mix: Stuttgart HS - She Panthers

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Original mixes are 100% made specifically for your team. The primary advantage of an original mix is it is entirely unique to your team:

  • A mix that matches your choreography
  • Made with vocals, lyrics, music and songs that we create about your team
  • Includes 10 voice over artists
    • 1 male cheer voice
    • 4 male rappers
    • 1 diva boy rapper
    • 1 female voiceover artist
    • 2 female rappers
    • 1 male/female pop-style singer
  • Call-and-response vocal section - great for amping up a crowd!
  • Radio-style song snippet about your team!
  • Complex style ("worlds style") not found in lower-level mixes
  • It requires no work on your part (aside from 8count sheets or a video)