Original Mix

Original mixes tell your story. The entire mix is 100% exclusive to you. It's the most desired style in All Star cheer, and the most popular style of mix for very competitive teams.

Ten (10) different artists collaborate to create incredibly powerful vocals, and it's arranged in the most energetic and dramatic arrangement. These mixes have BITE, and that's what you want for your competitive team.

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Champion Mix

Champion mixes make your team feel ready to compete. It's our favorite combination of music & voice overs. Half of the mix is high-energy vocals written exclusively for your team. The other half is the right balance of songs (usually for tumbling, dance and part of pyramid). Most of all, the champion mix shares the same intense & dramatic style as an original mix, but with an equal balance of songs and vocals.

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Elite Mix

Elite mixes are standard mixes injected with confidence and grit. The introduction of additional voice over artists increases the energy beyond traditional cheer, and replaces some of the mix's innocence with a more competitive edge. The elite mix is not overpowering, which gives it energy without appearing aggressive.

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Standard Mix

If you want a lot of songs, then you'll like a standard mix. It's our modern take on the traditional cheer mix, filled with songs of your choice with voice overs about your team in the transitions. The songs you choose make the largest impact on the overall style of the mix.

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With over a million dollars in annual payroll, CheerSounds has spared no expense to ensure we have the best producers and cheer music editors available. Our staff goes through intensive group training on the fundamentals of cheer music, sequencing, vocal processing, and the psychology of cheer music.

We're the ONLY cheer music provider to create and license originals, covers, premades, custom cheer mixes and a build-your-own-mix platform (8CountMixer).

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